Your intellectual property that you own in your business may be just as valuable as the very goods and services you provide to your customers.  If you fail to protect your brand or identity, or fail to clear your chosen name first to make sure it is not already in use, then you risk an infringement lawsuit that can prevent you from using your own brand name in connection with your business.  Along with losing the goodwill and equity you have built up with your customers, you also may have to pay a penalty and give up some of your profits, as well as having to find a new name, change your website, and throw out any papers or products that still have the infringing name or logo on it.

To prevent this disastrous outcome, we provide legal services from an experienced, licensed attorney to take you through the process of applying for a copyright or trademark and registering it with the U.S. government for full federal protection.  There are many important, detail-oriented steps in applying for and registering your intellectual property, and we make sure to properly analyze and carefully take you through the process.

To get a better understanding of intellectual property, here are important differences to help you decide which service you need:

  • Register a TRADEMARK to protect your business name, logo, or slogan that you are using or are ready to use for selling your goods and services
  • Register a COPYRIGHT to protect your book, story, poem, song, play, or other audio/visual art

Some of Our Trademark Clients:

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