If you are looking for a song to use for your video, website, or business, you may not realize that you can't simply use any song that you find.   There are various licenses that you have to purchase before you can use a song, otherwise you risk being sued for copyright infringement and having your video or website shut down.  If it is a more popular song or from a recording artist, such licensing fees can reach up to tens of thousands of dollars.  And in the process, you may have to negotiate with record labels, publishers, and various licensing agencies to purchase the right to use the song.  We can provide a solution to your musical needs at a fraction of these licensing costs, without having to chase down various parties to be on legally safe ground.  We can produce for you:

  • Short music clips or jingles to identify your business, both online and in promos
  • General music clips to accompany your video or presentation, or for background use.
  • Custom made songs to feature on your own video, movie, film, demo, or to accompany lyrics that you have written