Our video editing services help you capture a touching scene or compile several moments in your life into a single video story.  We can also create a tailored message, advertisement, or presentation for your business to promote on a website or post on YouTube.  Or, if you simply need to make sense of the endless photos and videos you take from vacations, a night out, or things your kids or pets get into, we can put together a fun video for sharing and reliving your memories.  Our specialties include:

  • Mobile Phone Memories - the photos and videos we shoot on our phones often get lost in the hundreds of images that take over your photo album.  Instead of leaving it in a jumbled mess, we can put together a fun, short video of any event you have in your phone.
  • Wedding Slideshow - wedding planning is very hectic; we can ease the burden by organizing your photos into a personal video to showcase your lives to your guests.
  • Business Message - we can put together videos, documents, and pictures of your business, from interviews to other important information and images that you need to present your valuable business in the best light.

(We do not provide videography or filming services, we only provide post production editing of photos and videos that you provide to us)

Slideshow montage of photos from honeymoon trip.

Music: "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

Creative Video Editing - Slideshow photo compilation

Creative Music Production - Composed and produced background music, combing improvisational piano, drums, bass, and horns with Janelle Monae's vocals

Creative Video Editing - Combined multiple video clips and images to produce a basketball theme revolving around "Freezing the Heat" in Charlotte's playoff series.

Creative Photo Editing - Included several creative photo editing images, using alternate backgrounds and combining outside elements to add to the theme in the video