Photo Restoration & Colorization


All of us have photos that are dated many years, if not decades, in our photo collection.  But like any object we own, these photos are subject to age, accidents, and the adventures of young children and pets.

Our photo restoration services fix your precious photos from the past.  The irreplaceable pictures of your parents when they were younger do not have to be completely lost to unsightly discolorization or random scratches and tears.

Take our photo restoration service one step further by adding color to any black and white photo to bring new life into your pictures.  We also have added a scanning service to help those of you who either do not have access to a scanner, or do not have the time to scan multiple photos to submit.  We'll gladly take any photo album of any size to process and repair your photos.

Choose from our photo restoration service packages to help bring back your photos, no matter the damage.

Standard Photo Restoration 

Includes repair of minor rips, wrinkles, scratches, fading, and contrast or lighting issues.  This package is for photos that are in relatively decent shape, but need a few spots to be cleaned up or a color or lighting adjustment.  

Full Featured Photo Restoration

The Full Featured Photo Restoration Package is for advanced photo repair and enhancement services.  This covers repairing major rips, wrinkles, scratches, water marks, burning, and filling in missing parts of the photo as necessary. 

Standard Photo Restoration starts at $12.00 per photo, Full Photo Restoration starts at $25.00 per photo

Photo Colorization includes all the advanced restoration and repair edits - $35.00 per photo


(For clean up and enhancement of grainy photos, please see our Noisy Photo Fix; for our full suite of editing options, go to Photo Editing)

Photo Scanning Service

You can send us your photos to edit in three ways:

  1. Scan your own image and submit it in the upload link below.
  2. Mail us all of your photos (or even entire photo album)
  3. Arrange for local pickup service (Charlotte Metro Area only)

Our scanning service includes carefully scanning each photo, and automatically includes our basic photo editing service to clean up dust, scratches, and minor color and lighting issues.  If you would like any of your photos to receive our more advanced photo editing to repair significant damage or fading, or for our colorization service, please add this service a la carte along with your scanning package, and identify which photos need extra service.

Scan Individual Photos

$1 per photo scanned + $4 per basic photo correction

$5.00 per photo

Scan Small Photo Album

Up to 25 Photos: $1 per photo scanned + $3.50 per basic photo correction

$4.50 per photo


Scan Medium Photo Album

26-50 Photos: $0.75 per photo scanned + $3.25 per basic photo correction

$4.00 per photo


Scan Large Photo Album

50+ Photos: $0.75 per photo scanned + $2.75 per basic photo correction

$3.50 per photo